For corporate gift giving, we are the destination for high quality presentation pieces.

Giving gifts to people for appreciation, promotion or retirement, especially a sculpture or painting, has almost become an art in itself. Our experienced staff can help with your choices. Along with finding the perfect gift, we have all the finishing touches to personalize your choice. A variety of bases are available from wood to stone, as well as presentation plaques, gift-wrapping and delivery.

We provide in-office consultation to assist you in putting together an art program, customized to fit your corporate environment. Our extensive website, featuring high quality Inuit sculpture, oils, watercolors, bronzes, stone sculpture, ceramics and hand-pulled prints, allows input from decision makers world-wide, if needed.

Why have a corporate art program?

A corporate art program is there for a purpose. There would be no art on the walls if the collection didn't do something positive for the company, either by projecting a particular image, by improving relations between the company and community or by stimulating the company's employees.