A Distant Dream: Collaborative Paintings by Chiasson & Cournoyer
February 1, 2019 - February 16, 2019

New collaborative paintings by Denis Chiasson & Marie-Eve Cournoyer!

These special works of art have been composed by both artists, using a synergetic technique combining both Chiasson's graphic and intense lines and sensitivity, with Cournoyer's imaginative and contemporary sense of color and simplicity.

This is a rare opportunity to view and purchase a truly one of a kind piece! Only 4 paintings will be available for purchase from this collection.

Both Denis and Marie-Eve are painters who like everything in harmony: the subject, the color, and the balance of details. It is therefore essential that their collaborative paintings express this sentiment. These two artists have known each other for over 15 years, and together they have been able to join efforts in creating a limited run of paintings that express freedom and lightness, like colorful birds who fly carefree and happily.

For Denis this collaborative process started when he received the blank canvases. He leaned them against the wall…taking note of all the white space.

He felt each canvas must reveal a small universe where people, animals, and flowers live under the light of the moon. He began to draw little sketches, outlining the composition.

Next Denis showed his works-in-progress to Marie-Eve, and together they determined where he would start and stop painting, and how to transition Marie-Eve’s style and technique into the composition. Ample canvas space was left untouched so she would have room to express herself and allow her creativity to flow.

Once Denis had completed his contributions to each painting he put them aside for three weeks to dry. Then he gave them to Marie-Eve, encouraging her to allow her imagination to run wild, knowing the final result would be spectacular.