Inuit Art For the Collector
May 1, 2017 - September 30, 2017

Thomas Webster and his brother John have been buying, collecting and selling Inuit Art for 50 years. They have seen many sculptural styles and dealt with many artists through the years. Webster Galleries Inc. has spent the last year collecting all these wonderful sculptures, many of them from nationally acclaimed artists. Today, as opposed to 30 years ago, these artists are being purchased by collectors from all over the world and appreciated for what they truly are, a unique Canadian art form. This exhibition will be open from May to September 2017 at our main gallery, 812, 11th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.

Featuring Works by: Osuitok Ipeelee, RCA Kiawak Ashoona, OC, RCA Axangayu Shaa, RCA Manasie Maniapik Lucassie Ikkidluak Johnny Inukpuk, RCA Palaya Qiatsuq Usilu (Lucy) Jackoposie Oopakak Mark Totan Mosesee Kolola Newgiliak Qimerkak Jaco Ishuluktak Nalenik Temela Kumakuluk Saggiak Nuna Parr ...and more

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