A note from our new owner and director, Paula Cook!

"Since taking over Webster Galleries, it’s been a whirlwind of activity with renovations, openings, and establishing relationships. We have been very busy seeking out new artists from across the country to come and show at Webster 2.0, alongside our established artists that many of you are familiar with. I would love to meet and introduce you to the new works and I’m hoping that you’ll be just as thrilled with them as we are!"

We are now proudly representing 15 new artists in our gallery space!

David Grieve

Dominik Modlinski

Anita McComas

Tracey Kucheravy

Martine Cloutier

Janet B. Armstrong

Heather Pant

Lucy Schappy

Nicki Ault

Wendy Hart Penner

Terry Ananny

Pierre Tougas

Cristina Del Sol

Perry Haddock

Melissa Jean