Alain Gagne works

Born in Victoriaville, Québec, Alain Gagné is a self-taught artist who in 1990 decided to fully devote his time to art-making. We have quickly come to know his work through the portrait, which is no longer a matter of perfect reproduction but more a portrayal of his personal vision and research. Socially involved, he has used his talent in the service of humane causes. In 1997, he created 127 paintings in his unique, 'twisted' style as a special order. In 1999, the Musée Laurier in Victoriaville, Quebec, acquired his pastel portraits of 14 Prime Ministers of Canada and in 2000, his 10 Prime Ministers of Quebec. That same year Gagné won his first international prize from the Regional Council PACA in Nice, France with his pastel "La fille de feu" which he lovingly called his "Joconde". Alain Gagné is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA).

Selected Awards and Mentions:

2000     12th edition of "L'Aigle de Nice", France

            Laureate of Regional Council, Provence Alpes, Côte d'Azur2000     Choice of the PDG of Hôtel Negresco, Nice, France

            Merit if 5th place

2000     2nd prize of the Figurative Arts Institutes

Musée Laurier, Victoriaville, Quebec

2000     Artist of the Year in Visual Arts

1998     Participation to "Rallye Tiers-Monde Bois-Francs"

            Laureate: Theme "Les Droits Humains" (Human Rights)